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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Baby Poultry

We raised over 150 poultry this past year: ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, and guineas!  It was an amazing experience, and we learned so much!  Even though poultry are among the most commonly purchased farm animals, there are many people who take home ducklings, goslings, chicks, poults, and keets who really don't understand what these babies need and why.  We want to share with you the information to know and the supplies to purchase so you can raise poultry successfully! Some of our adorable chicks Brooder.  It is crucial to prepare a safe place to keep your baby poultry warm.  You should always have at least two babies--one by itself will not make it.  Pick a place that is completely out of the weather and free from prowling predators (including household pets!).  For the brooder, there are many different options: wooden crates, plastic totes, livestock water troughs, and cardboard boxes.  You just need to use something that has sides high enough so the birds cannot fly out, bu

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