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Meet Judge, Our New Livestock Guardian Dog!

Last month, we traveled up to Lachenbock Farm in La Fayette, Georgia to purchase our Great Pyrenees puppy, Judge!

How do you pick just one?!

Luke & Judge

On the drive to his new home.

Judge was raised with goats, but we have carefully worked on integrating him with our other farm animals.  Since he was only 10 weeks old when we introduced him to the chickens, the rabbits, and the horse, he has done extremely well.

Going to help with the milking for the first time!

Cloud & Judge

Learning his job.

Guardian dogs are a must for a farm of any size.  We cannot tell you just how thankful we are for our two Australian Shepherds, which have done an incredible job protecting our farm from predators, but since our farm continues to expand, we realized that we needed more "paws on deck"!  We have worked with countless families who have lost animals to predators and garden produce to deer.  They are shocked when they hear that we have never experienced this.  We firmly believe th…

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