Our Saanen Dairy Goats

Back in October 2013, we purchased a Saanen doe to provide us with more milk.  The Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats are perfect milk producers for small families and small farms; but with our desire to not only drink the milk, but also make all types of dairy products, we needed a standard breed.  We just had our first Saanen kid on May 2nd!  All of us are thrilled (as you can see)!  We appreciate this breed's calm, quiet, docile, and amiable disposition.

Around the Farm


Two cute kids with two cute kids!

A family picnic.

Washing the dishes.

Isaac and Luke's latest project--a workshop!

Erin, a bit under the weather, getting a breath of fresh air.

Ready for anything!

Pearl, our new Saanen dairy goat, making herself at home.

Say, "Cheese!"

Setting up shop at Guyton's "Sale Along the Trail".

Erin with Candytuft and Dandelion--Buff Silkie chickens. 

Dog shopping.

Beautiful flowers and an even more beautiful girl!

This massive oak fell during a windstorm.  God really protected us and provided us with plenty of firewood!

Cleaning up.

"I wonder if he knows I'm sneaking up on him."

Dual-purpose bucket: place to eat and kid retreat!

All creatures great and small...the Lord God made them all!

We love God's creation!

Never too young to start!

Luke thoroughly enjoys raising Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

Having a staff meeting.

What a sweet little face!

Benjamin getting the feel of farm boots.

Sharing garden goodies with the neighbors.

Our newest farm addition: Erin's Falabella miniature horse, Cloud. (Notice the stunning gate Dad created.)

"Hello, my name is Cloud. What is your name?"

Work is play to Joseph and Benjamin.

Taking an evening stroll.

Future farm hands learning how to relax. (Notice the beautiful swinging bench Isaac made for Dad.)

Making farm-fresh butter!

Isaac and Luke caught a notorious farm pest...a rat.

Brother and sister--best friends.

Taking the babies to their new home.

"Come on, give me a kiss."

Just born!

Benjamin in his element.

Yes, he does have a green snake around his head.

"Shhhh! The babies are sleeping!"

Look what's hatching at Joyful Acres Farm!

"The baby can sit somewhere else."


"Are we related?"

"Who says chairs are for humans?"

Bunny blessings.

"Hello, everybody! My name is Benjamin, and I love living on a farm!"

Snug as a bug in a rug!

"Is dinner ready yet?"

The farm hands.

Morgan, Rosie, and Red enjoying the cool weather.

Daisy, Lavender, and Cassia trying to get some beauty sleep.

Hosting our first field trip!

New arrivals!!

Luke and Erin enjoying a massive watermelon from our garden!

Babies, babies, and more babies!!

Best Buddies.

Isaac and Rosie in our thriving 1/4 acre garden.

Erin with our rooster, Basil.

Some of our recent babies!